Flyer Delivery Sales Program

Flyer Delivery Sales Program

A Legitimate Way To Earn Between $30-40/Hour

Passing out flyers is an excellent way to sell Curb Address Numbers. It is profitable when it does poorly and extremely profitable when it does well. It is also varies from state to state. In some states you can deliver flyers by taping them to mailbox posts or garbage can. In other areas it is best to walk the areas to deliver flyers. We are always available by phone to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through every process. We are not successful unless you are successful. Here are the fundamentals of starting flyer delivery and curb address number installation.
1. You will need to be able to invest in a starter kit to get started. This will provide you with enough numbers and an installation kit along with adhesive. One of our flyer system requires that you put out flyers on a particular day and drive through the neighborhood the next day and collect and install your orders that people have placed on the door. If you do not have a sufficient amount of all numbers then you will have to make an additional trip back to the neighborhood to install the numbers which greatly reduces your profit. Our ‘call in’ to order flyer system allows people to order by phone or text. If you wait two days for the orders to come in from the flyer and then order and wait an additional time (up to three days) for your order of numbers to come in then there is a long delay resulting in cancellations / multiple call ins from the same person etc. As learning the flyer program has a larger learning curve, we also want to know that you are committed before spending time with you to get you started.
2. We provide you with an Office Depot Store Purchasing Card. This allows you to have Office Depot print all of your flyers at an extremely discounted rate because of our volume purchasing around the country. An order of 1000 flyers printed and cut in half to yield 2000 is around 38$ for color paper. The regular price from Office Depot is around $75. You can’t print these on your home printer with paper ink and cutting for this low of a price.
3. You will need to set up a Google voice phone number to be put on your flyer. This allows you to receive communications from customers without revealing personal information. You can forward calls to your phone when you want to answer or just let them go to voice mail if you don’t want to be bothered. It keeps your phone separate from your work.
4. You will want a gps with route trace. A basic 120$ garmin system has this on it and it allows you to make sure of where you are going and where you have been.
5. You will need a functiong car that you are comfortable working out of whether you are walking to deliver flyers or delivering from your car.

We provide full support

Whether you are looking for some extra money part time or for full time work, we will walk you through all of the necessary steps listed below through phone support or online videos.

Setting up a gmail account and a google voice account with a message on it for your flyer delivery system.

Creating a custom flyer tailored to where you will be working with full customization.

Determining the best system for delivering flyers where you live.

Finding the right areas to deliver flyers.

Delivering the flyers.

Understanding weather and taping the flyers.

Correct installation of the product.

Collecting payments from customers and explaining the product.

100% money back guarantee

Life is a catch 22. We want a commitment from you before we spend time teaching you how to run our very successful system. That said, we understand that sometimes people get started and realize this is not a fit for them. We therefore accept returns, no questions asked on initial orders for up to 30 days (see return policy).

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