Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I use any adhesive?

No. The only adhesive you can use is E6100. This is an industrial grade adhesive that holds the numbers in place immediately so that you can remove the tape after installation. No other product will hold to both concrete and PVC. In a pinch you can use e6000 which is sold at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc. but you will have to leave tape on for a day to hold the numbers in place and go back and remove the tape the following day.

Can I install the numbers on a wet surface?

No. The surface must be completely dry. Once the number has been installed it can rain seconds afterward and it won’t matter.

Can I install the numbers on a dirty curb surface?

Most of the time.  The surface must be free of debris. If there is so much dirt on the surface that it mostly prevents the adhesive’s ability to penetrate the concrete then then surface needs to be cleaned.

mold covered curb                           moldy curb



Can I sell the numbers using flyers?

Yes. The flyer program is much more complex than door knocking. It requires a much larger inventory to be successful. Door knocking generates a sale in an average of 1 in 6 houses including people who are and are not home. Flyers generate a sale in 1 in 30 houses. This means you use up the area much more rapidly. It also means that you put a lot more miles on your car and that you should be willing to travel a much larger radius.

An additional problem with flyer delivery is that the response is not consistent. This is because sometimes the boy scouts have come through  or a young kid is only charging $10 etc. With door knocking and a $20 price, results are consistent and unaffected by others who have passed through with flyers. Ultimately we have found that when you divide the profit up from doing flyers that you actually make less as an average than you do with door knocking and there is a lot of collecting/driving involved for people who weren’t.

The only way that we recommend flyer delivery is in conjunction with door knocking or leaving one behind when someone wasn’t home when you knocked.


Business license

Should I get a business?

Yes! Having a business license lends credibility to who you are. It also allows you to display that license around your neck so that people can see it and it adds a level of trust along with code compliance. That said, most homeowners who you are knocking at the doors of don’t really care whether you have a business license nearly as much as they care about your appearance and demeanor at the door.

Lots of people don’t get a business license because of the time/cost involved in doing it. People who have told us stories about being stopped by code enforcement or the police have usually been asked to leave the neighborhood but rarely have been fined. Look at it this way, if you do get stopped and fined and have a court appearance, it will probably cost more and take more time than it would have to get abusiness license in the first place.


Do you advance or front the product to people to help them get started?

We do not. This is based on our experiences of individually hiring people and training them. We found that most people who were advanced the product did not continue selling the product or pay us back. People who are willing to start buying the numbers immediately and invest some money back in to the business are consistently successful. The initial investment into this business is less than you would spend to paint curb address numbers. It is also 100% refundable if you choose not to do it or get a job in your field of  choice*.


Am I required to sell the numbers for a set price?

No. You may sell the numbers for any price. we have done over 2 years of test marketing with the price and found the most success with a $20 price and offering a 5$ up sell of the flag/logos at the curb after the initial sale has been completed. If you want to start at a 25$ price, and discount if the customer says no, or throw in a free logo if they say no at 20$ or reduce the price to 15$ and make less profit but still make a profit at the house it is up to you.


Do you give people territories?

On a case by case basis. Many people we have sell part time or just a few times a month. Many people find us on the internet. Others find us because of an ad we ran because we want someone working in that area. For door knockers we want at least fifty sales per week to consider territory. For flyer delivery we would want at least 75 sales/ week average.