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So you have decided that you want to do some curb number painting and you are trying to decide what the best route is for your curb painting business. In this article we will discuss different types of curb painting stencils from reusable brass curb stencils to cardboard curb stencils purchased at Home Depot. Also we will discuss which size is the right size (3 inch or 4 inch) for your curb address painting business. Finally, we will compare curb painting stencils to our House Address Service curb address markers and discuss why they are a better solution than curb painting stencils.

Paper or brass? So you are trying to figure out which type of stencils for curb address painting you should get. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both types for your curb address painting business.

Brass curb painting stencils last considerably longer than cardboard curb painting stencils. One unique feature of these stencils is cleaning them by freezing them. Once thick layers of paint have built up on them you can put them in the freezer and both by gently bending them and throwing them at a flat angle against the ground, the paint will shatter and come off clean. You do have to be careful not to bend them to much if you want to use the interlocking feature of brass curb painting stencils. This may make it so the curb stencils will not interlock in an easy manner. A well used set of brass stencils may last as long as two years. The only true advantage to paper stencils is that they are cheap and readily available at many stores. Curb number painting is simply a harder way to earn money than our system.

Curb Painting Stencils Curb Stencils  Curb Address Painting

The biggest value of House Address Service curb markers is that when you use them you simply eliminate curb painting stencils all together. There is no more bad smell of paint in your car. There are no more curb stencils that are stuck together. The mess is completely gone.

Your time is valuable literally from the time that you step out of your car and start knocking on doors for your curb painting business.  Painting ten curb numbers takes two trips to the house or waiting around for the background to dry for 10 minutes. At 15 minutes per house you’re wasting 12.5 minutes every time when you could be installing House Address Service curb  address markers in just 2.5 minutes. Why waste your valuable time? Get a system that works.

This business is a time management system. The difference between someone making $25 an hour and $45 an hour is all about efficiency. This does depend somewhat on whether you are in the right neighborhood which we will discuss in other posts. Mostly it is whether you are working at the right time of day and whether you are walking slowly or quickly between houses. It matters what kind of energy and enthusiasm you present at the door. It’s your money. The better you get at your craft, the more profitable you will become.


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