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Curb Painting Business, Curb Number Painting

How much does it really cost to start a curb painting business and do some curb number painting.

So you have decided to start a curb painting business and do some curb number painting. How much does it really cost? There are a lot of considerations. The first is your time involved in getting the materials and figuring out if you got the right ones for your business. Your time is money and if you spend 5 days figuring out what you are going to do then you are working for free. So what’s your time worth? If you spend 20 hours figuring out how to make 30$/hour you have just done 600$ worth of work for free.

Then there are materials costs. Glass beads have to be purchased. You have to find a company that sells them. They only come in 50 pound bags for around 30$ and you also have to makes sure you are getting the right thickness. Fine beads are the best. Add another hour to your process along with 10$ in gas.

Then there are stencils. You can’t start your curb painting business without them. You need them for curb number painting. You need 3 sets of them. Then you’ll need a nice box to put them in so they don’t get stuck to each other from wet paint. Add another 20$ for that. Brass  curb stencils will cost about 45$ per set or 135$ plus tax and shipping. Paper stencils will cost around $30 but you have to make or buy a frame to assemble (brass stencils interlock) and align them so that you can spray them on the curb. So make a frame or buy one. That’s another 50$ towards your curb painting business.

Curb Number Painting

Curb Number Painting

Now you have to buy some paint for curb number painting. The question is which king is the best. Putting latex house paint on the curbs is like putting Elmers Glue on your hand. It just peels off. Buy some striping paint in the can at Home Depot and add another 30$ to the cost of your curb painting business.

Then there is is cost of flyers. Add another $80 to your total. Miscellaneous items like tape and payment envelopes add up costing another $20. $300 later and you still don’t even know how to paint and you certainly aren’t good at it. That’s not even including the time 20 hours you spent trying to figure out how to do it.

curb painting business

Curb painting business

There is a simple solution that is less expensive and more profitable. House Address Service address markers are easy to sell. Starter kits are 149$ for a kit that returns up to $500 and 249$ for a kit that returns up to $1000. The learning curve is simple. They only take 2 minutes to install. They are more durable than doing curb number painting for your curb painting business.

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