Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

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Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

This article is meant to help people looking to do Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint. We will discuss in detail how to select the right kind of glass beading for painting house numbers on curbs. We will only deal with this aspect of how to paint house numbers on curb (s).

While we provide all of the information about curb number painting with reflective curb paint our first recommendation is to use our House Address Service reflective address markers. They install in minutes and are more profitable than curb house number painting because of the time involved in painting correctly.

Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

Paint itself is not reflective. Glass beading is. The first issue is to find glass beading. This can usually be done at any traffic supply store in your local area. The second issue is to find the correct size of beading. The third issue is embedding of the reflective glass beads.

There are two scenarios that are common with house number curb painting.

The first is painting  a white background with black curb address numbers and making it reflective. in this circumstance you will apply the beads directly to the white background. Using a salt shaker or creating a similar type setup with a mason jar by poking holes in a lid are easy ways to accomplish this. This allows you to sprinkle the beads on evenly and control the speed at which they hit the curb. One of the balances that must be struck when painting address numbers on curbs is the right amount of white paint. Use to much and the paint runs out from your background frame and the reflective glass beads just sink into the paint and lose their reflectivity. Use to little paint and when you go to sprinkle the reflective glass beads then they will just fall off. The right amount of paint and the right amount of beads means that 50% of the beads will be exposed and therefore reflective. It also means that the paint will take several minutes to dry at a minimum. The secondary problem is also that too much beading in the white background will cause the black numbers to rub off very easily once they are hit by a car tire

This leads to the second scenario of curb number painting with reflective curb paint. This is painting a black or green background. This combination is much less common and is usually done because very little paint can be used to make the backgrounds making the paint dry more rapidly. The biggest advantage is that when you sprinkle the glass beading on the white numbers they will attach with no risk of damage to the  street numbers for the house when a car tire scrapes them. The fairly large downside to putting white numbers on the curbs is that the the over spray is considerably more visible if you are not super skilled at painting.

So which glass beads are right? The finer the better. There are typically five sizes of beads. The finest ones that you can find will always attach the best and reflect the best and survive tire scrapes the best.

The best solution is to simply sell House Address Service reflective address numbers. They install in a couple of minutes instead of 15 minutes like painting (or two trips by the house). They are considerably more reflective than painting address on curb (s). Its the best solution for curb number painting with reflective curb paint.