Curb & Mailbox Address Tiles

Reflective Curb Address & Mailbox Address Tiles.

Over A Million Sold

More durable than address stickers. Our curb numbers are right for curbs more than 4 inches tall that are upright, slanted, and slightly rounded. Our numbers are not right for curbs that are less than four inches tall or ‘s’ shaped curbs.

They go great on posts, brick mailboxes, over garages and any other location that can be seen from the road. They’re great for metal, plastic, painted, stucco, brick, concrete, and wood surfaces. Goes well on upright, slanted, and slightly rounded curbs, driveways, mailboxes/posts, fences, and siding.

Plastic backed reflective address tiles. Glues on with  clear rubber adhesive in less than 2 minutes.

Most items glued on the road today such as lane stripes, road reflectors, or reflective blue fire hydrant markers are made of reflective plastic along with most fences.

House Address Service address tiles are printed directly to Avery reflective engineer grade vinyl rated at 7 years. Avery makes everything from “Post It Notes” to traffic sign materials. We believe it’s the most reflective durable product available.

Available at a discount in our four address combo.

Curb Address Installation is best on curbs where cars do not regularly park or where car tires strike upright curbs repeatedly. Address tiles placed on rounded/slanted curbs  can be driven over repeatedly with no damage of any kind.

Mailbox Address Installation can be done on mailbox posts that are 4 inches wide and almost all standard or large mailboxes. Address tiles and easily be installed over old peeling stickers on mailboxes. Flat (not smooth) surfaces are also required for easy installation. They can also be placed on/over peeling and powdering paint.