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Introducing Modern Address Plaques and Address Signs

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Modern Address Plaques Reflective Address Large House Numbers

House Address Service is excited to announce our modern address plaques. Our modern address plaques are reflective addresses with large house numbers. They also have a family name option,

Our modern address plaques come in 12×18 or 12×12 sizes. It’s a two sided reflective address with large house numbers. Most signs with reflective numbers have multiple pieces laminated to a surface. This makes them more susceptible to damage. Our signs are made from a single sheet of reflective vinyl which makes them considerably more durable than standard signs.

Modern address plaquesDriveway address sign

Address Signs For Yard

Most address signs are not reflective. A reflective address is extremely in having your house found at night. If it’s not visible in the headlights or under a house light, it can’t be seen at night. Our single reflective sheet modern address plaques come with large house numbers that are considerably more visible than most signs because the whole sheet on both sides are reflective. Reality is that you buy a house number so that people can find your house. If it can’t be seen or located by friends, delivery services or emergency services.

Reflective address

Large house numbers

Custom Address Plaques

We make modern yard address signs. While large address numbers on an address signare important, reflective house numbers are considerably more important. The location of the address is also very important. As most people come to your house by car or vehicle, the address numbers should easily be seen from a passing car. Lawn address plaques are an excellent way to make your house numbers visible by anyone driving by.

We offer three types of modern house numbers and letters.

The first are our 12″x 12″ modern address plaques. These address signs come with the family name and full address. They are priced considerably less than most address plaques. They are visible up to 30 yards away.

The second are our 8″x 18″ address only signs. They come with the complete address and not just the address numbers. These address signs are easily visible from up to 40 yards away. They come in multiple color combos and can be customized to any team colors or favorite colors that you may have.

The third product that we carry is a reflective address for the curb. These curb address tiles are four inches in size and can go on mailboxes, mailbox posts, houses, fences etc.

Personalized Address Signs

Personalized Address Signs

4 inch Reflective Address Numbers

4 inch Reflective Address Numbers

Where Can I Buy Modern House Number Plaques?

Address plaques amazon? Amazon has multiple sellers of quality address options.

Address plaques home depot? Home Depot is special order only.

Modern house numbers home depot? Home depot has many address number options for the house. For night time visibility they must be placed under a light to be seen.


Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

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Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

This article is meant to help people looking to do Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint. We will discuss in detail how to select the right kind of glass beading for painting house numbers on curbs. We will only deal with this aspect of how to paint house numbers on curb (s).

While we provide all of the information about curb number painting with reflective curb paint our first recommendation is to use our House Address Service reflective address markers. They install in minutes and are more profitable than curb house number painting because of the time involved in painting correctly.

Curb Number Painting with Reflective Curb Paint

Paint itself is not reflective. Glass beading is. The first issue is to find glass beading. This can usually be done at any traffic supply store in your local area. The second issue is to find the correct size of beading. The third issue is embedding of the reflective glass beads.

There are two scenarios that are common with house number curb painting.

The first is painting  a white background with black curb address numbers and making it reflective. in this circumstance you will apply the beads directly to the white background. Using a salt shaker or creating a similar type setup with a mason jar by poking holes in a lid are easy ways to accomplish this. This allows you to sprinkle the beads on evenly and control the speed at which they hit the curb. One of the balances that must be struck when painting address numbers on curbs is the right amount of white paint. Use to much and the paint runs out from your background frame and the reflective glass beads just sink into the paint and lose their reflectivity. Use to little paint and when you go to sprinkle the reflective glass beads then they will just fall off. The right amount of paint and the right amount of beads means that 50% of the beads will be exposed and therefore reflective. It also means that the paint will take several minutes to dry at a minimum. The secondary problem is also that too much beading in the white background will cause the black numbers to rub off very easily once they are hit by a car tire

This leads to the second scenario of curb number painting with reflective curb paint. This is painting a black or green background. This combination is much less common and is usually done because very little paint can be used to make the backgrounds making the paint dry more rapidly. The biggest advantage is that when you sprinkle the glass beading on the white numbers they will attach with no risk of damage to the  street numbers for the house when a car tire scrapes them. The fairly large downside to putting white numbers on the curbs is that the the over spray is considerably more visible if you are not super skilled at painting.

So which glass beads are right? The finer the better. There are typically five sizes of beads. The finest ones that you can find will always attach the best and reflect the best and survive tire scrapes the best.

The best solution is to simply sell House Address Service reflective address numbers. They install in a couple of minutes instead of 15 minutes like painting (or two trips by the house). They are considerably more reflective than painting address on curb (s). Its the best solution for curb number painting with reflective curb paint.

Curb Address Painting | Curb Numbers

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Curb Address Painting, Curb Numbers

So you are going to do some curb address painting and you are trying to figure out how. House Address Service’s system for doing address number is considerably easier than what painting curb numbers is. Here is why.

Businesses that are successful are well organized time management systems. Lets say that you are out walking and door knocking. You stop and paint the white background at a house and while waiting for the white paint to dry you go down the street and knock on a few more doors you get about seven houses away and now you have to walk back to finish putting the numbers on the curb address painting you started. Of course you have to then walk that distance back to get started knocking again. You can add that to the additional time required to paint the curb numbers.

The most efficient way to do curb numbers is to use House Address Service address markers and eliminate curb address painting all together.The cost of our product is easily offset by the time you spend walking (or driving) back and forth between houses not to mention the extra time involved in painting numbers on curbs.

Curb Address Painting, Curb Numbers

Our product costs between 4$/5$ each house. When you compare the time involved to either wait for paint to dry for a background to walking down the street and then coming back and then walking back to where you were, you will find more profit in one stop to the house. It is the same if you have passed out flyers and drive by the house twice or wait for eight to ten minutes for the background paint to dry. These minutes spent add up to lower hourly wages. We don’t know too many people who are just out running a curb street address painting business for glory. Most people are out doing this for profit and are the type of people who don’t want a boss or set hours and want a high profit paid on the spot business that is consistent week to week financially. If you are that person we are looking for you.

curb address painting

Curb address painting


Curb Numbers

Curb Numbers

Go to our you tube channel and check out all of the information that we have about Curb Address Painting

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information that you need to be both financially successful and with the shortest learning curve possible. We are always available to speak with you whether by phone (801-921-9423) or by email. House Address Service address markers are simply the easiest most profitable number system available today.

Did you know that most Subway restaurant franchises cost at least fifty thousand dollars to get up and running and the average profit per location is less than fifty thousand per year? This opportunity is simply the highest profit, lowest initial investment opportunity on the market today for any individual who want to take control of their finances with little or no risk of financial loss. More importantly it is very little time investment for those who decide this isn’t a fit for them especially when you compare it to answering an ad and going into a company and sitting through their sales pitch to you to talk you into getting started with their product only to find out it is really hard to sell.

There are two main purposes to our blog posts. The first purpose is to help you find us. The way that we do this is to use the words that you type in as a search in a manner that allows us to show for that search. The second is to always provide relevant information about all of the processes involved with painting address numbers on curbs. This blog today is about curb address painting and why House Address Service curb markers are better than painted curb numbers.

Curb Painting Business | Curb Number Painting

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Curb Painting Business, Curb Number Painting

How much does it really cost to start a curb painting business and do some curb number painting.

So you have decided to start a curb painting business and do some curb number painting. How much does it really cost? There are a lot of considerations. The first is your time involved in getting the materials and figuring out if you got the right ones for your business. Your time is money and if you spend 5 days figuring out what you are going to do then you are working for free. So what’s your time worth? If you spend 20 hours figuring out how to make 30$/hour you have just done 600$ worth of work for free.

Then there are materials costs. Glass beads have to be purchased. You have to find a company that sells them. They only come in 50 pound bags for around 30$ and you also have to makes sure you are getting the right thickness. Fine beads are the best. Add another hour to your process along with 10$ in gas.

Then there are stencils. You can’t start your curb painting business without them. You need them for curb number painting. You need 3 sets of them. Then you’ll need a nice box to put them in so they don’t get stuck to each other from wet paint. Add another 20$ for that. Brass  curb stencils will cost about 45$ per set or 135$ plus tax and shipping. Paper stencils will cost around $30 but you have to make or buy a frame to assemble (brass stencils interlock) and align them so that you can spray them on the curb. So make a frame or buy one. That’s another 50$ towards your curb painting business.

Curb Number Painting

Curb Number Painting

Now you have to buy some paint for curb number painting. The question is which king is the best. Putting latex house paint on the curbs is like putting Elmers Glue on your hand. It just peels off. Buy some striping paint in the can at Home Depot and add another 30$ to the cost of your curb painting business.

Then there is is cost of flyers. Add another $80 to your total. Miscellaneous items like tape and payment envelopes add up costing another $20. $300 later and you still don’t even know how to paint and you certainly aren’t good at it. That’s not even including the time 20 hours you spent trying to figure out how to do it.

curb painting business

Curb painting business

There is a simple solution that is less expensive and more profitable. House Address Service address markers are easy to sell. Starter kits are 149$ for a kit that returns up to $500 and 249$ for a kit that returns up to $1000. The learning curve is simple. They only take 2 minutes to install. They are more durable than doing curb number painting for your curb painting business.

Want to know more? Call us today at 801-921-9423. We would love to hear from you.

Curb Painting Stencils | Curb Stencils |Curb Address

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So you have decided that you want to do some curb number painting and you are trying to decide what the best route is for your curb painting business. In this article we will discuss different types of curb painting stencils from reusable brass curb stencils to cardboard curb stencils purchased at Home Depot. Also we will discuss which size is the right size (3 inch or 4 inch) for your curb address painting business. Finally, we will compare curb painting stencils to our House Address Service curb address markers and discuss why they are a better solution than curb painting stencils.

Paper or brass? So you are trying to figure out which type of stencils for curb address painting you should get. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both types for your curb address painting business.

Brass curb painting stencils last considerably longer than cardboard curb painting stencils. One unique feature of these stencils is cleaning them by freezing them. Once thick layers of paint have built up on them you can put them in the freezer and both by gently bending them and throwing them at a flat angle against the ground, the paint will shatter and come off clean. You do have to be careful not to bend them to much if you want to use the interlocking feature of brass curb painting stencils. This may make it so the curb stencils will not interlock in an easy manner. A well used set of brass stencils may last as long as two years. The only true advantage to paper stencils is that they are cheap and readily available at many stores. Curb number painting is simply a harder way to earn money than our system.

Curb Painting Stencils Curb Stencils  Curb Address Painting

The biggest value of House Address Service curb markers is that when you use them you simply eliminate curb painting stencils all together. There is no more bad smell of paint in your car. There are no more curb stencils that are stuck together. The mess is completely gone.

Your time is valuable literally from the time that you step out of your car and start knocking on doors for your curb painting business.  Painting ten curb numbers takes two trips to the house or waiting around for the background to dry for 10 minutes. At 15 minutes per house you’re wasting 12.5 minutes every time when you could be installing House Address Service curb  address markers in just 2.5 minutes. Why waste your valuable time? Get a system that works.

This business is a time management system. The difference between someone making $25 an hour and $45 an hour is all about efficiency. This does depend somewhat on whether you are in the right neighborhood which we will discuss in other posts. Mostly it is whether you are working at the right time of day and whether you are walking slowly or quickly between houses. It matters what kind of energy and enthusiasm you present at the door. It’s your money. The better you get at your craft, the more profitable you will become.


Curb Painting Stencils

Easier to install than curb painting stencils are to use

Curb Stencils

Curb Painting Business